Lucid Dreaming Can Be Very Dangerous -What You Need To Pay Attention To

Many people are born more sensitive to their surrounding stimuli than others: they are given various names include empaths or spiritually awakened.

Such people normally have the ability to dream very vividly. Of course calling it an ability would be wrong: it is more of a gift.

Anyway, such gifted people often have the abilities of divining and/or healing. But with such abilities, come cons as well.

1. Getting addicted

This is a problem. People get obsessed with lucid and vivid dreams. Sad enough, they thrive of the dopamine surge from these dreams. People get so hooked on them that they start sleeping more and more and if that doesn’t work, start using narcotics.

2. Confusing reality with dreams

The line that divides dreams from reality slowly starts to blur for people who dream vividly. They start confusing the two and suffer from alienation.

3. Disappointment

No matter how much you love the sense of control you find in dreams, reality is another ball-game altogether. More often than not a terrible sense of ennui comes over all vivid dreamers when they are disappointed by reality they wake up to.

4. Becoming too stressed out

Stress is something that is a problem in today’s world. But for empaths who dream clear and lucid, it is something of a major issue. They fail to concentrate on anything else and keep obsessing with their dreams; this gives them major headaches and chronic migraines. It also tires them out too much.

5. They can’t end it

It becomes too much of a way of life for them. They end up never getting enough sleep and wake up in the middle of the night too many times thanks to their intense dreams.

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6. False spiritual awakenings

This happens when the dreams are clear but very obscure and the meanings are not clear. Psychoanalysis can be of help if someone is facing problems of this particular kind.

Thus, vivid dreaming comes with its cons. Make sure to stay away from the warning signs.


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