Big Spirit Guides & Their Tiny Manifestations

When spiritual teachers work with people to help them find and recognize their ‘spirit guides’, people often have certain expectations on how their guide will look, based on fairy tales and stories we all hear growing up.

They expect angelic women in sparkling dresses like Cinderella’s fairy godmother, or tall, old wise men like Gandalf leading them on.

Nevertheless, more often than not, people end up with tiny beings, perhaps looking more like a Smurf or Tinker Bell or a garden-gnome, to be their spirit guides, earth guides or mystic guides.

This makes them subject to uncertainty and suspect. Their tiny size is at first amusing and a pleasure to look at, but soon worry gnaws at their mind, as the “bigger is better” ideology sets in.

hey fear that their guides are not big enough, strong enough, or wise enough. (Of course no one ever remembers how the biggest animals walking the Earth were wiped out in one stroke of fate while microscopic beasts still live on and flourish!)

If you’ve ever seen the animated movie Mulan, you’d see how Mushu the dragon is thought to be incompetent and unequal to his task because of his size and build. But he ultimately gets the job done very well.

Guides only seem so small because they present themselves to us that way, to make it easy for us to accept them. They use guises abounding in humour, friendliness and gentleness to help us take the barriers down and see the way ahead more clearly.

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Do not be fooled by their size, this is just one manifestation of their being, their immense power and wisdom giving them the ability to choose their form.

They try to evoke the child within is, letting us accept them and seeing them for the power that they wield.

We might ask our tiny guide to show us other versions of themselves and watch them shape-shift, growing larger and changing. Perhaps we’d prefer them in their tiny forms after all.

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