Decoding The Law Of Attraction: Don’t Ask The Universe For The Things You Really Want

It is quite obvious by now that the so called ‘Law of Attraction’ isn’t something that I like.

I don’t say it doesn’t exist but it is definitely not worth appreciating. It is essentially a false sense of needing something that in fact we don’t even want.

If you think about the wishes you made for every Christmas or for your birthday, you’d realize that all those things are not really what you wanted. You actually have been misled into believing that you do.

It is for us to think about that we already have is sufficient to do us happy. The Law of Attraction as we see it has made us to be a part of this infinite loop where we want something and then get it.

Then again we do and we get that too and so on, missing out on this very moment. We are always on this boundless search of something new and better and bigger.

Now, how I prefer to deal with the Law of Attraction is by letting the nature decide what has to happen to me. I let the nature define my destiny while my job only remains to fulfill it with all my heart.

When we allow the Universe to lead, we move towards the fulfillment of the task we are meant to do that is special and exclusive to us.

While making specific demands to the nature like car, money, etc, we might say that we didn’t know what we wanted as kids, but who’s to say if that’s not exactly what we are doing as adults.

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We can free ourselves from the vicious circle of believing into wanting to have something and then ending up losing interest, by not throwing an endless list of your wish list to the Universe.

All it takes is a little attention towards what we have right now and that we ultimately have to be led by the nature. It also has to do with accepting your own self the way you are and then move forward in life.

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