Five Non-Spiritual Activities That Promote Spiritual Growth

Sometimes people use the words ‘religion’ and ‘spirituality’ in the same breath, which is, needless to say, a misuse.

You do not have to memorize your prayers, attend services and sermons or do a lot of rituals in order to be spiritually alive. In other words, religion is an institution with rigid practices which has little to do with spiritual awakening.

Spiritual health can be of two types, collective and individual. Collective spiritual health measures the spiritual connection between the subjects of the society while individual spiritual health is determined by your knowledge of the self and your ability to introspect.

Individual spiritual health is usually nurtured by means of yoga and meditation, but you don’t have to do all that. You can be spiritually healthy by doing the simple things you’re passionate about – be it music, or writing, or plain procrastination.

1.Create art.

It could be anything that you like to do, from Origami to sculpting to cross-stitching. Relying on your hands and instinct to create something can be a hugely immersive experience while also being an effective mode of expression. All we need is a little inspiration and some creativity to bring our magnificent ideas to life.

2.Play it out.

It is told, music connects the soul to the sublime, you just have to plug in and play something. Whether it’s your favourite record or your own jam, music is always a great device for self-exploration. Clear tunes were both medicinally and spiritually used in ancient civilizations. And, after all, nothing’s more fun than turning up the sound a bit.

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3.Get down and write.

Writing is perhaps one of the unique and engaging forms of self-expression. It can be a diary, where you’d write down your fears and secrets in truest possible words. Or it can be a fictional narrative where you can express yourself through symbols and metaphors. Either way, it would be a great documentation of your spiritual journey.

4.Shake a leg.

Arise, awake and make some moves! Physical activities are necessary for an effective and healthy living, and you can see visible changes in life when you put an hour of exercise in your daily routine. Consult fitness experts or get help from YouTube, know a few kinds of movement-based exercises and try them at home. Better still, you can engage yourself in activities like swimming, hiking and team-games. Physical activities prove to be a wonderful way to achieve the mind-body harmony, and it can affect your spiritual growth in the most positive way.

5.Do nothing.

Well, this is what we could call ‘meditation’ in spiritual terminology and ‘procrastination’ in colloquial speech. Whatever you may call it, idle reflection becomes a necessity in order to survive in this fast-moving world. Sometimes, you just need to spend some time with yourself, doing absolutely nothing.

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