10 Significant Signs You Are Experiencing A Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System

We, humans, are a three dimensional reality but when we transition to a hyper-dimensional existence, we experience a recalibration of our mind-body-soul being.

Our planet itself is recalibrating by raising its frequencies, hence emitting cosmic waves of light energy that flow around it. These waves activate quantum makeover which is rather challenging. But remember, a healthy body can go through any changes. So eat healthy, stay hydrated and get enough rest.

Take a look at the following changes that your body, mind and soul might feel during recalibration.

Body Changes:

1. Your body is likely to cause skin irritation and allergies due to the use of chemical based skin products which you might be using already with no problem.

2. Synthetic food is intolerable to you. Maybe you connect to the Mother Nature and want to live with your natural instincts.

3. Unexplained aches, pains, cold and flu, stomach bugs, buzzing in your ear and blurry visions are some other body changes.

Mind Expansion:

4. Rather than opening up your mind, you are more likely to screen the information that makes you feel depressed or generates fear in you.

5. You might start seeing through the lies and manipulation of people or society in a way you never did before.

6. Forgotten passions of childhood that you enjoyed are likely to resurface. You might also remember creative ideas that ran through your mind as a child.

Soul Imprints Changes:

7. You must have found purpose of your existence and connect with yourself more efficiently.

8. You are able to recognize the people in your life that are not a good company for you or bring you down. You might even have started to remove them from your life.

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9. You understand the exercises that bring your mind, body and soul together in a better way. You connect to yoga, meditation and healing therapies in a way you never did before.

10. You might either feel timeless or intensely aware of the time. Time is either slipping through your hands or passing by very fast.

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