Have We Given Our Ego The Power To Influence & Control Our Sex Drive

As human beings, we are trapped in a society of our own making that keeps pushing us to do more and earn more, no matter the cost to our selves and to the earth.

There is no place for honest and sincere emotion as the person ego is given full control.

When looking at the bigger picture, it is almost like all of us are being governed soulless being with hardly any compassion or even sanity to speak of.

The conditions we are exposed to bring the ego to the forefront to act as a defense mechanism in order to keep us safe, even if we lose ourselves in the process.

This protection can manifest in various ways. Some become prudes, hiding deep with their shells, constantly criticizing themselves. Others are opened too widely and they rebel against everything and everyone.

The ego is an essential too to reach for if we want to survive this world in one piece but this has many side effects, one of which is that we not longer feel like we can control our sex drive. This can affect a person in one of two ways.

Some of us become so scared of our most basic desires and try to suppress them, others indulge in hedonism and start constantly channeling it albeit unknowingly. This creates many issues for the individual as well as those in their surroundings.

If someone’s ego is hurt then they begin to think that it okay to get sexual gratification at the cost of someone else. This is just one of the many tricks your ego can play and this can cut you off both from yourself and from others.

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Letting the ego either completely suppress or fully channel your libido can only cause pain at the end of the day. But there are ways to deal with this.

Firmly decide to undertake a journey of spiritual growth and remain faithful to that path. It will be hard at first but soon you will realize that this darkness inside you is changing into light and love, allowing you to be true to who you really are.

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