Negative & Pessimistic Thoughts Result In Low Vibrations

Material reality is nothing but energies vibrating at wavelengths of different frequencies which our mind, specifically the neurons, read and translate into what we perceive as real entities.

However, energy is also present in non-physical terms. Our thoughts and what we understand as our consciousness are nothing but non-physical forms of energy with their unique vibrations and frequencies.

Is your negativity ruining your life?

The frequency of our thoughts and the cumulative vibration of our condition of existence are determined by the quality of thoughts we entertain. Happy and positive thoughts have been found to have higher vibrations while negative thoughts have lower vibrations.

Therefore, one must be careful, for if our thought process is such that negativity overweighs our positive thoughts, it significantly lowers the frequency of our mode of being as a whole.

This is precisely what the Law of Attraction, which many consider to be a hoax, suggests. The law claims that our thought pattern is responsible for what we manifest in our life as a concrete reality. It is an indisputable fact that as we focus more and more on a particular thought, its vibrations gather strength.

The stronger the vibrations of a thought are, the greater its propensity to draw energies and circumstances of similar frequencies. Spiritual cultures across the world therefore warn us against dwelling on negativity in our minds, for it leaves significant negative imprints on our lives.

Our predominant mode of thinking, whether we are conscious of it or not, tends to be one of complain. We accord an inordinate amount of focus on what is lacking in our lives.

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The complaint mode, especially that of self-sabotage, is less innocuous than we think it to be; although it may seem so commonplace. For, every time we complain, we are contributing to a negative mindset which resists our access to a meaningful and happy life.

Train your thoughts and reign your life

It is a misconception that our thoughts are beyond our control, for nature has endowed us with the capability to reign in our thoughts and therefore take charge of what we manifest in our lives.

So, if you thought you have no escape from your depression and the perpetual misery that your life seems to be, invest in an affirmative perspective and witness the fall of the barriers to a quality life.

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