How To Contact Your Higher Self

Your higher self is your true cosmic identity, the ultimate manifestation of your consciousness. On the other hand, your earthly self is merely a projection of that identity.

According to the ancient cultures of the world, your higher self remembers all the lives you’ve lived and the soul contracts you’ve made – they regard the higher self as a manifest version of the worldly self.

Your higher self keeps you on track and helps you achieve whatever you were supposed to achieve from this life. The higher self ensures whether you’re on the right path and gets you back on track after you’ve taken a wrong turn and messed things up.

The earthly self needs the ego, the ‘I’ identity to survive, which dissolves in the higher self after you’ve attained nirvana. The higher self communicates with you through moments of intuition – the moments when the lives of others touch you, when you feel one with the surrounding energy, and wonder at the glory and beauty of this majestic chaos that is called Earth. How do YOU communicate back, then?

1.Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is not a myth, like some of you may believe. It can be perfected with rigorous practice. After you’ve mastered it, you’d become naturally able to communicate with your higher self in the latent or dream state. Just call them and talk with them, it’s that simple.


Meditate for a while, and when you know you’re ready, write down all your questions and intentions clearly on a blank sheet of paper. Now close your eyes, listen to your inner instincts and write down the first answer that comes on your mind. It may be your ego speaking at first, and you’ll know by the nature of the answer. However, as the answers grow more wise and mature, you’ll know that your higher self is providing those answers through you.

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3.Use Your Third Eye

Your third eye is basically your imaginative capability, which takes you to a different dimension where you can communicate with your higher self. Use your concentration, and think of a place dear to you – it can be anything from your room to the basketball ground where you used to play as a child. With systematic meditation, your higher self will appear before you, ready to give answers to all your earthly queries.

Your ego is mean, obsessive and narrow-minded, and will keep you stuck in this reality, while transcendence to the higher self is your ultimate goal in life. Try to make distinctions between the ego and the higher self, and listen to what your higher self has to say to you. I promise, you’ll be able to see this life with a whole new clarity.
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