12 Impressive Benefits of Using Cannabis On Your Spiritual Path

The debate regarding cannabis has been going on for years, however, most people on the side of marijuana can agree that it has many benefits.  Many of those benefits could fall into the spiritual category.

Before we dive into the topic please remember, if you don’t want to use cannabis you don’t have to and your spiritual experience will still be fine without it. It is in no way necessary. Many spiritual teachers and others of the sort are actually against using it for spiritual reasons as it in their eyes hinders the process. That being said, believe what you want and if you choose to go forward with cannabis use that is all up to you.

Many ancient cultures throughout the years have used cannabis as a medicine for a countless number of things and its benefits in that aspect are-as you most likely are coming to know, also seemingly endless. That being said, Native American, Indians, and other cultures have also used the plant as a means of putting themselves in touch with the universe. Mystics, shamans, and so forth would really bring it more prominently to the world.

Below I am going to go over some of the spiritual benefits of using cannabis. These benefits will not seem inviting to everyone but some people feel they are quite important. Regardless, they are interesting to be aware of.

12 Spiritual Benefits of Cannabis:

1. It calms our nerves.

Using cannabis can and will help calm the nerves of most people. When stressed and unable to wind down it really can help. Many with severe anxiety use it as their treatment or medication and it works wonders.

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2. It helps you feel that sense of oneness.

It helps you to feel more connected to the people and things around you. It really makes the thread that binds us altogether prominent. It makes a lot of things clear.

3. It cuts down the ego.

Cannabis is something that does help drain the ego for many. When you’ve gotten worked up and high in your own mind cannabis can really bring you back down to where you need to be. It will literally dissolve your ego.

4. It allows you to be in a timeless moment.

During meditation, something spectacular happens. Everything comes to a standstill and nothing feels like it is moving at all. Many claim to have gone through this when using cannabis. It is like they are able to really slow down.

5. It centers you with the Universe.

Cannabis helps us to center ourselves with the Universe. If you’ve been struggling to really become more at peace or connected it can help. That being said, you still have to do your part, it won’t do all of these things for you completely.

6. It opens your mind up to your higher self.

Cannabis helps us to open our minds to our higher beings. It puts us in the driver’s seat of our mind’s eye. It’s as it shows us a new dimension.

7. It helps meditation become deeper.

It can help you to meditate more properly, if need be. It will help you to get more in touch with your inner sense of stillness. When the problems before you are too hard to let go of it can work wonders in regards to bringing peace.

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8. It makes you more present in the moment.

Cannabis can and will help you be more mindful. It takes you from one mindset and sits you into another. It allows you to be more present.

9. It quiets the mind.

If you struggle with quieting your mind cannabis can help. It will quiet your mind and allow you to really tune into the universe. While this is normally a complicated task it will make things a lot easier.

10. It helps us absorb more energies.

It can help you to absorb more energies. The only downside is that those energies are the energies of your surroundings. If you are surrounded by toxic people all you will find is toxic energy.

11. It helps us to properly align our souls with nature.

Cannabis will also help you to become more one with nature. All things are connected and this becomes quite clear the further down your path you go. Nature is something meant to help us grow a better understanding will be headed your way.

12. It makes your senses more heightened.

Cannabis will make your senses much more intense. It heightens things and makes them easier to notice. You might not realize this one off the bat but give it time you will.

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