To All The Single Mothers: You Have Nothing To Worry Abouta

Being a parent is hard. Being a single parent is even harder.

Being a single mother is even more so because you are expected to follow the norms of conventional parenthood and would be termed as ‘selfish’ every time you choose to make sacrifices for the sake of your career.

There is tremendous amount of pressure on single mothers to bring up their kids right and they go through a lot of guilt because they think they are not giving their children the time and attention which they deserve.

Do not think that you are a monster because you have deprived your children of a father figure.

They might resent you for that initially, but as time passes they’ll see that they don’t need a father figure when they can get all the inspiration they want from their hardworking mother.

Moreover, there are a lot of really remarkable people around all of us and they can get inspired from whoever they want. Your love and devotion to their well-being is nothing less of a blessing to have grown up with.

Yes. It will be difficult. There will be a lot of tantrums and heartbreaks because you couldn’t always be at the soccer match on time or weren’t there to pick them up on time after drama class.

Kids will be kids, they will cry and want to know why couldn’t you make it and not realize that this is because you had to be at your job- for them.

But as time passes they will learn what it means to juggle home and office at the same time and even though they might not say it out loud, they’ll love you even more for it.

The bond you’ll share with your kids would be the strongest ever and they will learn to work hard and appreciate determination from a very early age. And when they finally grow up, they’d be all the more better for having been brought up by a superhero.

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