7 Things That Should Be Kept Secret, According to Hindu Philosophy

Hinduism for those who might not realize is a body of religious and philosophical beliefs indigenous to India. While this is something that has impacted people across the globe, it is not something many people really know much about.

Hinduism is from ancient times but is still thriving well in this day and age. It has deep roots in tradition and has really developed well throughout the years. While it does cover sharing and being there for others a lot of Hindu philosophies also go over things that we as humans should not be sharing with others.

This is not because they are shameful or anything like that but merely because we need to be keeping them for ourselves. Whether you follow this religion or not I think these are all things most of us can agree on. How many of these do you already partake in keeping for your own?

7 Things That Should Be Kept As Secrets According to Hindu Philosophy:

1. Do not push your spiritual knowledge on others.

Our spiritual knowledge is our own. No one sees things in the same ways that we do. Sometimes our journey is a bit different and that is alright. While you should share your spiritual knowledge with those who want you to, you should not be pushing it on others.

2. Don’t reveal your projects to someone.

Spread your eggs out, put them all in different baskets. Don’t put yourself in the position where someone else is going to jump the gun and take all the glory from you. Sometimes getting things done and then making them known is better in the long run.

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3. Don’t share your story with strangers.

We all have our own story. This is our truth and part of our soul. We should not be sharing this with everyone we come across. Some things just don’t need to be as out in the open as others.

4. Don’t partake in gossip.

We shouldn’t be talking about other people, especially in a negative light. This only brings bad energies on ourselves and is not going to benefit anyone in the long run. There is no sense in all of this. We are better than that.

5. Don’t brag about acts of kindness.

When you do something kind don’t expect to get to brag about it. If you’re doing something good without the right intentions or your heart in the right place, you’re only going to make yourself look bad. Acts of kindness should go unspoken.

6. Don’t shout your problems to the world.

Don’t be too open about your problems. Sure, talking to your family and close friends is fine, but you shouldn’t be as open to the public as some people are. The less you share with the world, the less that can be used against you. Only give power to your support group.

7. Don’t share details of your sex life.

Don’t share the details of your sex life with people who have no business knowing about it. Feel free to talk any issues out with your significant other, but don’t tell all your friends about the problems you’re having if you haven’t even addressed them. Be respectful of the person you’re with.

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