The Saturn Retrograde Is Coming to An End, And You Are About to Feel Extremely Liberated

Saturn is still in retrograde but it won’t be in retrograde for much longer. If you’ve been face to face with karma for weeks, then things will be dying down soon.

Saturn is the ruler of Karma. It has been blurring the past, present, and future into one and giving us a double dose of Karma. The lessons that come forth with the Saturn Retrograde are some that many find hard to deal with but they are all necessary.

Saturn will be going direct on September 6th which is not as far away as it sounds. Over the next couple weeks as the energies begin melting away and changing things, we will be slowing down and that Karma that you’ve been face to face with will become much easier to deal with. You will be finding a new sense of structure and stability within your life which is something you have been needing.

During this time be kind to yourself and really focus on moving forward. While your Karma is cleared now or is mostly cleared it can still build back up. Stop limiting yourself and really be as practical as possible. If your mind is pushing you to something don’t ignore it. Your intuition won’t bring you to something if it’s not important.

While you won’t be facing intense emotions or situations as often once Saturn goes direct you will be free to really expand your personal processes. This whole ordeal will have made you much more productive and really shaped you in more ways than you will ever know. Saturn holds a huge role in our lives and that is not something we can do without.

Read  How To Raise The Frequency Of The World In 7 Easy Steps describes that role as follows:

Strict Saturn is infamous for keeping other planets and zodiac signs in check, and in this way it helps remind us all of our own limitations. As the “karma planet,” Saturn tells us what we are and are not allowed to do, and what society expects from us.

When strict Saturn is direct, it can be a bit of a buzzkill. But in retrograde Saturn gives us an opportunity to look over our personal set of rules. We have the chance to see what kind of internal and emotional factors motivate us … including fear.

Saturn in reverse means that the external boundaries we live within take a backseat to our rich inner world. We’ll trust ourselves enough to question these boundaries, and because retrograde with any planet is a prime time to look back on our personal paths, we can examine failures and let-downs, learn from them, apply these lessons to how we’ll conduct ourselves in the future … then move on.

What do you think about this? Are you ready for Saturn’s retrograde to be over? I for one am excited for the end of this retrograde season. It has truly taken a lot out of all of us.

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