With the Mars Retrograde Coming to An End, You Will Actually Start Feeling Like Yourself Again

Retrograde season is coming to an end and beginning to die down. With Mercury already now in direct, we can also see Mars and Saturn doing the same.

Mars goes direct on August 27th just after the full moon in Pisces. Mars is a planet that while retrograding brings a lot to the table. Mars retrograde has probably had you all kinds of frustrated. Mars in retrograde has been pushing us to be more direct and show more initiative. It is a very powerful planet but can also do a lot of damage if not faced carefully.

Mars is one of the roughest retrogrades that we have and since it was, for the most part, paired up with Mercury, we didn’t get much rest at all. Mars goes retrograde once every two years and with that, it brings forth a lot of assertiveness and other things of the sort. While Mars is retrograding all the things we take for granted in our lives are turned upside down.

Now that Mars retrograde is nearing its end we are stuck in the middle of a waiting game. During this time give yourself space. Free your soul and be willing to relax and unwind. Remember that just because things are a little crazy now doesn’t mean they won’t be better soon. Allow the Mars energy still lurking before you to push you to think through your approach of getting what you want.

Do not internalize any anger you are feeling. Let go of tension, resentment, and any negative emotions you are bringing forth. Look into your being and figure out where and why these things are coming about. What is driving them within? Look before you make changes, always.

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Tend towards introspection and see where this takes you. Be mindful and realistic. How do you feel about Mars going direct?

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